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Live Your Life

Post by GoMulchGo on Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:48 am

This feels a little strange actually posting on here after so long. I think my last post was sometime in July. I'm sorry for abandoning this little forum and I don't think I can promise being very active on here, because of how time moves by so fast, so I'll try this one thing.

I have to write a novel to pass my English class and I thought I'd post the story as I wrote it so you guys can help me.
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Re: Live Your Life

Post by GoMulchGo on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:00 am

Make it happen... (Chapter 1)

Well, nothing special happening today, noted 13-year old Cameron Christensen as he watched the kids cram in through the classroom door.

Cameron was average height for his age, 5 feet 7 inches. He had long curly hair that grew back in a few months after he cut it. A straight back and flat stomach. Long arms and legs. Cameron’s skin tone was a little on the darker side. He had eyes that were half-way between dark brown and hazel. People said they knew if he was in the dark by the shining light in his eyes.

Maybe nothing is happening because you won’t make anything happen. Have you considered that? Replied a voice in Cameron’s head.

Cameron sighed. Just when I thought you finally went away. Can’t you tell someone your Confucius teachings in someone else’s brain?

Cameron waited; there was no reply, so he turned his attention to Mr. Merdinger, a really old run-killer, who just started class. He doesn’t look like he cares about this class very much.

One of the kids who can’t keep his mouth shut spontaneously and deliberately let out a really girly giggle out loud and the class laughed at him.

“Bart, go outside,” ordered Mr. Merdinger, pointing to the door.

“You serious?” Bart asked, his trademark response. “I didn’t do nothing!”

“Get out of my classroom until you‘re ready to come in.”

Without a word, Bart slowly inched toward the door. As soon as he crossed the threshold, he turned around and shouted, “I’m ready!”

The class broke into a roar of laughter. Cameron sighed. How immature.

See Cameron? Even though it’s immature, he’s making something happen for himself.

So you’re saying I should make a fool of myself in my classes by talking back to the teacher? Cameron waited for thirty seconds. Just what I thought, you never answer direct questions. Cameron sighed again.

Cameron waited while his teacher droned on and on about alliteration and onomatopoeias and junk like that. His eyes jumped from face to face of his fellow students and stopped on one girl: Kayla.

Cameron just melted. She was perfect in every way: Smart, pretty, and athletic.

Kayla had light skin and black hair that she let hang around he face. She had turquoise blue eyes and was very small.

Cameron felt he wasn’t that high on the pretty faces list so he didn’t feel obligated to approach her or ask her out. It’s like challenging Kobe Bryant to a 1-on-1 basketball game in front of a bunch of people that don’t know you; very, very futile and pointless. There was a time when they were very close, then the flag football season ended and they drifted apart.

Make it happen, the voice in his head told him again.

“Can you just shut up!” Cameron yelled out loud. Suddenly, he could feel the eyes locked on to him and felt his whole body heat up. He realized Mr. Merdinger stopped talking.

“Excuse me, Cameron?” Said Mr. Merdinger, “I’ve never heard you speak like that. Is there something wrong? Maybe you would like to see a counselor.”

“Uhh, I’ll just get some fresh air outside,” Cameron told him.

“He’s going CRAZY!” Bart screamed, which made the class laugh.

Cameron felt his face go red and muttered something about lemmings as he walked out the door.

Stupid voice.

I’m the one teaching you useful life lessons, so if I’m stupid that makes you what?

What “useful life lessons?” You mean the ones when you tell me to challenge authority? If my parents hear that I’m acting up, they’ll kill me!

They can’t kill you if you’re not living.

Suddenly the bell rang and kids started cramming the doorways again. As soon as the doorway was clear, Cameron went inside and got his bag. Last period of the day. Gym, thought Cameron. At least that will cheer me up.

There goes Rodrigo. As he turned the corner, he saw his friend, Rico for short, walking towards the locker room. Cameron crept to his side.

“Do you know what we’re doing in P.E. today?”

“I don’t know, I think you’re playing ultimate Frisbee again.”

“And what are you going to do today? Something pointless and childish again?”

“I’m just going to mess around with whatever we’re supposed to be doing.”

“I shouldn’t have asked,” Cameron teased. Rico laughed at him.

Minutes later, and after everyone was changed, and finished with their warm-ups, as was their routine, Mr. Jackson led them into the cool, air-conditioned gym.

“Hey,” Cameron whispered to Rico, “no more Frisbee.”

“That doesn’t matter, we’ll kill everyone no matter what we do today.”

“Yeah, together we’re unstoppable,” agreed Cameron. We’re both fast and we work great together.

“Okay,” said Mr. Jackson, his loud voice booming around the acoustic gym. “Sit in rows, until the other classes
come.” Cameron and Rico sat next to each other, telling jokes.

“Bring it on Jackson, let’s play our next game,” Rico quietly challenged.

After about five minutes, everybody seemed to be in their rows and attentive. “Okay!” Mr. Jackson said when all
the classes were sitting down. “Today, we will start our five week dance period.”

Complaints were thrown by the boys, and cheers erupted from the girls. “I hope we do some freestyle dancing or something,” said Cameron.

“We will start with basic line dancing the first week and a half,” Mr. Jackson continued.

“There goes my break-dancing dream,” Cameron said gloomily.

“They could’ve given us a warning,” Rico complained.

Mr. Jackson spoke again. “Now everyone stand up.” Obediently, the girls obliged. Reluctantly, the boys dragged themselves to their feet.

“Just smile and bear it, Rico. Smile and bear it.”

* * *

As Cameron arrived at Toby Wilson Middle School (home of the huskies), 4 weeks later, he started toward his usual friend’s hangout. They joked, teased, and told stories until the first bell rang.

Stupid world history. So pointless. If they don’t give me 5 good reasons why they shouldn’t cancel this subject, I’ll…

Cameron’s silent threat stopped dead when the door opened and Kayla walked in to give a note to Miss Ray,who was a very big lady.

Hmm, Kayla must have office aids as her elective, Cameron noted.

Are you going to just let her have a day of dull rubbish? Or will you make this moment the highlight of her day? The
voice in Cameron’s head asked.

Without thinking, Cameron blurted, ”Uhh, Hammurabi’s code?”

Kayla looked at him funny as she walked out. “Cameron, that’s a 6th grade history standard, this is a 7th grade class,” Miss Ray said.

Cameron‘s face turned red. “Sorry I got mixed up.”

Well that’s one way to give her a highlighting moment, The voice said disapprovingly. Cameron sighed.

Why on Earth do I listen to you? You’re such a pain.

A growing pain, the voice corrected.


Thirty minutes later, the bell rang to signal the next class. Cameron ascended the staircase to get to math class.
Hey look, it’s Rico. I’ll just hang with him for a couple of minutes. Rico was standing against a wall, and Cameron joined him.

“What’s up Rico?” Cameron asked.

“Hey, you know Joyce?”

“Big Joyce? The kinda…” Cameron looked around for listeners, “fat one?”

“Yea, that one. And you know how we have to have a dance partner for the school dance?”

“I guess I know what happened… I don’t mean to be mean, but… ew.”

“Yea, I’ll save you the suspense, I said no to her.”

“I’m not surprised. What did she do when you said no?” Cameron asked.

“She slapped me.” Cameron laughed. “Hey, did she really think I would say yes? I’m a small, fast, and athletic Mexican, plus, I’m popular as Barack Obama. She should’ve known what my response would be, and besides, I‘m going with Rebecca.” Rico started to walk towards his next class. “And at least someone asked me. Unlike someone else I
know,” Rico teased.

“Hey, that hurt man,” Cameron replied. “See you at lunch.” And Cameron left for class.

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Re: Live Your Life

Post by GoMulchGo on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:07 am

Later that day… (Chapter 2)

After P.E., Cameron was shocked and felt betrayed, in a childish kind of way. He decided to confront Rico at the front gate of the school. As he came in sight, Cameron flared up.

“What do you mean, ‘this is getting fun’?” Cameron demanded. “Rico, if you’re making some sort of joke, it’s so not funny.”

“I don’t make jokes like this,” Rico said, smiling. “Okay, I do make jokes like this, but this isn’t a joke. Dancing with a partner really is getting fun.”

“Hmm,” Cameron thought, “Your idea of ‘fun’ is waiting in a line, terrified of getting a girl you don’t want, and possibly dancing with a really funny-looking girl? Because if it is, I don’t think I know you that well.”

Rico laughed. “You have to be a man, a risk-taker, and just make something happen.” Rico poked Cameron in the ribs. Cameron jumped back, but it wasn‘t from the poke. “Grow up, boy,” Rico teased.

Cameron narrowed his eyes down to tiny slits. “You’re starting to sound like-” he hesitated. That voice.


Cameron waited. “My dad,” he lied, eyes still narrow slits.

“Well to me, I sound like Rico,” he joked.

“Not to me.”

Rico looked behind Cameron and his eyes widened. “Uh oh.”

“What?” Cameron thought what could possibly be wrong in Rico’s perfect little life.

“Kayla,” Cameron froze. Rico continued, “She’s coming our way.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Cameron asked, feigning carelessness.

“I think she’s going to ask me to the dance. I’ll have to turn her down,” Rico explained. “Can you believe that? Shooting Kayla down.”

Aww, come on. Life treats me so bad. Ugh, my neck is stiff, stupid pressure. Okay voice, if you’ve got any good
advice, then you can say it now, when I really need it.
“Hey guys,” a new, high voice called out.

Cameron turned around, while his neck was still in the same position. “Oh hi, Kayla. How’s life treating you?” Cameron rotated his neck to crack it and release the stiffness.

Kayla giggled. Cameron wondered what goofy thing Rico was doing behind his back. “It’s treating me well thanks for asking,” Kayla said, smiling wide.

“I was wondering-” Kayla’s smile faded. “Um, could I talk to Cameron alone please?” She
asked Rico.

Cameron turned and saw Rico looking very suspecting. “Yea sure, I was just on my way… But just out of curiosity, do you want to ask me something? Yes or no?” Rico asked.

“No, why?”

“Like I said, just out of curiosity. Well, bye then,” Cameron saw a tiny, relieved smile creeping up on Rico’s face as he turned the corner.

“Cameron I noticed we haven’t really been connecting much lately. And I had an idea earlier today that could really change that. Do you think that you would want to go with me to the dance?”

Cameron was dazed. She was talking so fast that he only managed to make out the last sentence. Say something, dummy. Before she loses interest.

“Uh, I wasn’t planning on going, but sure,” Cameron said.

“Are you sure? You don’t sound very enthused.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. I’m just shocked… Umm, I guess I’ll see you later then…”

“Okay… bye Cameron.”

“Uh, bye Kayla.” They waved and headed in different directions. As Cameron was leaving, he thought he heard Kayla mumbling to herself.

Not the smoothest conversation in the world, but at least you’re making progress, the voice said.

Shut up, Socrates, I don’t feel like talking, er… thinking to you right now.

Everybody, needs somebody, sometimes… the voice sang as it faded out.

I’m still shocked. Am I dreaming? Or hallucinating? A grin flashed on Cameron’s face as he realized the possibilities
what he had been through. I believe this is the beginning of something new. But this might actually not mean anything,
maybe just a friend thing. I guess I’ll find out.

And our friend Cameron certainly will.

* * *

Next Monday, after school, Cameron met Kayla outside the back gate of the school. They briefly hugged and started walking off campus.

“So only two more days till the dance. Can you wait?” Cameron asked.

“No, I can’t,” Kayla laughed, “I wish could fast forward my life right now.”

“Haha, I thought I was the only one.”

Then Rico, and his girlfriend, Rebecca, joined Cameron and Kayla.

“Sup Cameron,” Rico said.

“Hi Kayla,” Rebecca said.

Cameron replied “sup” and Kayla replied “hello.”

“So just to be sure,” Cameron said, “I’m not dreaming, am I?”

“Yeah you are dreaming, Cameron. In the next moment I’m going to disappear,” and Rico crouched behind Rebecca.

“You’re a monster Rico.”

“And you two are the monsters of the school,” said Rebecca with her small smile.

“That’s right, Rico and I just climb over any obstacle in our path. Speaking of paths, I thought you and Rico were going to your house, like you do every single day.”

“Not today, I’m going to Kayla’s house,” Rebecca replied.

“Umm, Rebecca and Rico? You guys can go ahead, we’ll stay here for a while,” Kayla said. Cameron’s stomach lurched.

“Okay, whatever you say. Come on Rebecca, let’s go eat up Kayla’s house,” Rico joked.

“Is there something the matter?” Cameron asked, a nervous smile on his lips.

“I was just curious,” Kayla drew closer to Cameron, “about how you would react if I did this.” Kayla leaned in and quickly smooched Cameron on the lips. He was almost sad when she pulled away.

“How do you feel?” Kayla asked.

“ A little sad.”


“Is that all there is?”

“There’s more later, we have to catch up with our friends.”

“Okay then, later.” As they started walking, Cameron uncertainly put his arm around Kayla like he saw Rico do to

When the new couple got to Kayla’s house, they heard Rico’s voice from inside. “Uh oh, they’re here. Quick! Battle
stations Rebecca!”

Cameron laughed. Could this get any better?

Cameron was only just starting to taste life.

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Re: Live Your Life

Post by BPahl88 on Fri Apr 17, 2009 8:32 pm

It's pretty good. Some grammer issues, and I got comfused at some parts, but otherwise, it's a good start. Smile
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Re: Live Your Life

Post by GoMulchGo on Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:17 pm

Thanks! I'm glad someone posted. I'm still working on it.

Edit: Oh I forgot to say that I'm open for suggestions for my story if you guys want to see something. But nothing too crazy. Remember I'm supposed to be getting this published.
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Re: Live Your Life

Post by GoMulchGo on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:48 am

Night of the School Dance… (Chapter 3)

At the gates of the junior high school, it was not what Cameron expected. He didn’t know where to go at first because people were everywhere, so he decided to go where the other 7th graders were. The 6th graders just finished their dance routines and it was time for the 7th grade dance. Cameron looked around and he didn’t see Kayla anywhere, so he decided to notify Mr. Jackson about this.

“Umm, Mr. Jackson? Have you seen Kayla anywhere? We’re supposed to be dance partners.”

“Sorry Cameron, I haven’t seen her. Just grab a partner because you’re about to go on.” Mr. Jackson looked around. “Here, Joyce hasn’t been able to find her partner either. You two can dance together.”

Ugh, I can’t believe this. Of all the rotten luck.

“Ew, I have to dance with Cameron?” Joyce asked.

How ironic, I should be the one saying that. Not you.

“Either that or you’re running a mile tomorrow,” Mr. Jackson said.

“Fine.” Cameron and Joyce walked out on the floor with all the other 7th graders and danced in sync with everyone
else. Cameron kept his eye out for Kayla the whole time just in case she came.

When the dance was over Cameron was even more disappointed. He hadn’t even seen her come through the front gates. After the 7th graders left the dance floor the 8th graders came on and danced their salsa dances. Cameron went and sat with his friends as he watched.

“Hey Rebecca where’s Rico? Did he come?” Cameron asked.

“I don’t think so, I had to dance with someone else.”

“Same here, I couldn’t find Kayla.”

“I saw Kayla dancing with Bart,” Hakeem, one of Cameron’s friends, said.

“What? Me and Kayla were supposed to go together. We’ve been going out for a couple weeks now and we both
knew that we were dance partners.”

“Well that‘s not what I saw.”

“Maybe you didn’t actually see Kayla.”

“Hey! How’s it going guys?” Rico said as he popped in from the back of the crowd.

“Rico,” Rebecca said, “the 7th grade dance is over. You were supposed to be here at 7:00, you weren’t supposed to
leave at 7:00.”

Rico looked confused. “Oh that’s right, I remember now. Sorry about that. So, did you not dance or something?”

“No I had to dance with someone else.”

“Hehe, well it’s better than nothing I suppose,” Rico said.

“It’s not better than nothing if you had to dance with Joyce,” Cameron said.

“Aww, that stinks man. I thought you were dancing with Kayla though.”

“She didn’t show up.”

“Yes she did, I saw her by the lunch tables when I came over,” Rico said.

“I’m telling you man, she was dancing with Bart,” Hakeem said.

“Rico did you see her with anyone?”

“Yeah she was with Bart and his crew.”

“Come on Rico let’s go see what’s going on.” Cameron pulled Rico to his feet.

“I’ll come with you guys,” Rebecca said, “Kayla’s my friend too and I can’t let this go.”

Together, they walked toward the lunch tables and saw Kayla hanging out with Bart and two of his twin friends, Daniel
and Devin.

“Hey look, it’s Beauty and the Beast,” Bart said pointing to Rebecca and Rico. He looked at Cameron. “And Lumiere.”

Kayla giggled. “Oh hi Rebecca. Hi Rico. Did you have fun with Joyce, Cameron?”

“Hahaha, you’re such a gullible loser Cameron. Did you really think Kayla liked you so much?”

“Hey you can just shut your big head up! Cameron doesn’t have to deal with you!” Rico shouted.

“Ow, that hurt Rico. ‘shut my big head up?’ Did you get that from Looney Toons? And can’t Cameron defend for
himself? Now I have nothing against you Rico, so don’t start anything.”

“You already started something! If you mess with Cameron you mess with me!”

“How cliché,” Devin said.

“Seriously, can’t you come up with anything on your own?” Daniel asked.

“Can’t you two clones get around school without hiding behind Bart?” Rico retorted.

Rebecca decided to step in. “Kayla? Why did you have to hurt Cameron like that? You shouldn’t do that.”

“Why are you defending for Cameron? Are you going to dump Rico for him?” asked Daniel.

Rico looked daggers at him. “Instead of guessing hook-ups why don’t you get a girlfriend yourself? Behind Bart you
two aren’t afraid of anything except for being rejected. That’s why you guys didn’t have dance partners and are running a mile tomorrow. Get some nerve or get out of this school because you two are just sadder than Bart."

“You mean like the way Cameron is looking sad right now? It looks like he’s going to break out in tears,” Bart joked.
Daniel and Devin laughed behind him.

“You know what?” Cameron said to Bart, his voice small.

“What’s that? I can’t hear you Tiny! Speak up!”

Cameron cleared his throat. “I don’t need this. Or Kayla. I can survive without being the ruler of the school. Unlike
you I’m going to be successful when I get older.”

“Big words for such little coward. Why don’t you run along now and cry alone.”

“I don’t need this!” Cameron said one more time. “Let’s go, Rico.”

Never looking back, Cameron, Rico, and Rebecca left the school.

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Re: Live Your Life

Post by GoMulchGo on Thu Apr 23, 2009 9:57 pm

New Year… (Chapter 4)

At Cameron’s house, Cameron was lying on his bed looking through the calendar. He looked at the month of May. 3 weeks left of school. Cameron sighed. I hope Rico stays next year. I should call him.

Cameron pulled out his cell phone and dialed Rico’s number. The phone rang twice before he picked up.


“Hey Rico.”

“Oh hey Cameron what’s up?”

“Just hanging around my house, as usual.”

“That’s cool.”

“Not really, you’re probably having more fun than I am.”

“That’s true.”

“Uhh, sorry about last night. I didn’t defend you or myself until the we left.”

“No problem.”

“I just couldn’t respond. I didn’t know how. My brain was just shut down.”

“Don’t worry about it. Those guys are losers anyway.”

“Yeah, well… see you later.”


Cameron hung up. Life sucks right now.

Blame it on yourself, Cameron.

Go away.

Every cloud has a silver lining, Cameron.

Nothing good can come out of this.

I’m sure something will come soon.

There was a knock on the door and Cameron’s mom came in. “Hi son. Can you put some of your things in these boxes?”

Cameron sat up. “Why?”

“Well during the summer we’ll be moving to Monterey.”

“We’re moving? Why?”

“Your father got a job there. I’ll just leave this here for you.” Cameron’s mom walked out after putting the boxes down.

Cameron looked at the calendar again. No, not till the end of school. 3 more weeks until the end of Los Angeles.

Unlucky in Los Angeles? Then try your luck in Monterey, the voice said.

Why would I want to give up everything I have here to be in a completely different environment? I have everything I need here.

Both you and I know you have no choice but to leave everything. And you said yourself yesterday, you don’t need any of this, remember? You have no choice. Your parents are moving and you are moving along with them. If you really want to make the most of your remaining time here, then you better draw up a game plan.

* * *

Cameron really did make the most of his remaining time in Los Angeles. He hung out with his friends and Rico after school instead of staying home. But that didn’t stop him from moving away. As soon as he hit the freeway in his dad’s rented moving van, he never looked back. There was no point in it. The closest he ever got to Toby Wilson was the yearbook he bought that year.

School wasn’t very easy when it started. New teachers, new kids, and new buildings were all things that caused him to be shy. Cameron wasn’t very comfortable asking people questions. He didn’t know when and where lunch was. He got lost looking for his classes. No one talked to him for that first week. Then, when his P.E. class started doing things, he started to get noticed. But even with people acknowledging his physical talents, he was still lonely. He didn’t have anyone to hang out with. The only thing he could actually talk to was the voice. Months passed, and he hung out around the
same people, at the same places, doing the same thing. Everyday, he woke up with the same cold, lifeless eyes.

Eventually, the school sports came around, and he was, for the first time in a while, enthusiastic about it. He tried out for basketball, football, baseball, and soccer. The first sport was flag football. This caused some opportunities to build friendships with boys and girls. Cameron didn’t take these opportunities, he just stood back and let people talk to him and ask him the questions they had for him.

It continued like this for a few weeks, people started to get interested in this seemingly dull boy, who was actually
full of raw emotion. The interest of Cameron’s friends on the football team attracted others’ interests to him. Lots of
people started to want to talk to him and hang out around him. Not having anything better to do, Cameron hung around
whoever wanted him around most. At the beginning of the year, he only managed to find a place to go during lunch. Since the football team, he is able to walk around and stay at multiple groups anytime he wants.

Football showed something significant to Cameron. During the times when he wasn’t talking, he learned that extra-curricular activities brought individuals together for one common cause and one common craving. During football practice, everyone had to absolutely work together if they wanted to have a break. During football games, their coach told them they would be running extra distance in practice the next day if they didn’t win the game or do a certain thing right; this caused them to do something right together and win so they would be able to satisfy their craving together, which was to not run. If they lost, then they had to run longer and faster the next day which actually brought them closer together as friends.

The previous year in 7th grade, Cameron didn’t learn this, because he was young, and his coach practically let the team rest and play around whenever they wanted. So him and his teammates in 7th grade were never brought closer together, which led to the drifting apart between Cameron and Kayla. Also, when the 7th grade football season was over, basketball tryouts were about to happen, and deciding not to go was basically deciding not to stay close to Kayla.

So when basketball tryouts came during Cameron’s 8th grade year, he didn’t want to drift apart from anyone, so he went and tried out with the highest spirit he could show, knowing that backing down would only lead to his own downfall.

Unsurprisingly, after 8th grade tryouts, Cameron made the school basketball team and retained his friendship with other people, while making newer friends. There was only one other person that made the basketball team that was also on the football team, who was actually becoming Cameron’s best friend at that time. According to the coach, the 8th grade basketball team was almost the same as the previous year’s 7th grade team, but just with a few new people on the team, including Cameron.

By the time the basketball season was halfway over, it was apparent that Cameron was smarter than he was than one year ago. He made game plans for almost everything. He was always time conscious so he knew what he had to do before something was too late. Having absolutely nothing to do after school in the beginning of the school year, he got his studies done, thus he improved his studying skills. He became smarter in school, smarter in organizing, and he became smarter in his instincts.

* * *

Sometime in mid-January, Vito Romano, Cameron’s new best friend, and Cameron were walking to the locker room together after school to get dressed for basketball practice. Not everyone knew exactly everything about Cameron at this
time, and Vito was still interested in his past.

“Hey Cameron,” Vito said, “d’you ever have a girlfriend?”

Cameron didn’t know how to answer that question. “I don’t know.”

Vito snorted. “You don’t know? Come on, it’s a yes or no question. Yes, or no?”

“Well, I had one, or I think I had one. But I don’t think she actually liked me. Well, she and someone else pulled
something, I don’t feel like talking about it.” Cameron’s eyes told the rest of the story.

“Well you are just a really lonely person. You need some kind stimulation or something.”

“I have stimulation. Football was my stimulation in October. Now it’s January, and basketball is my stimulation,” Cameron explained.

“No no no,” Vito said disapprovingly, “This is extra-curriculum. Running back and forth in the gym on Coach‘s command isn‘t recreation. That’s just setting us up so we can make our own plans. Cameron, you have to learn how to
live and to make your own decisions. You can’t do what everyone says all the time.” Vito thought for a few seconds.
“Okay, how about you come with me and Michael and everyone after practice.”

“Okay, fine,” Cameron said. I have nothing better to do anyway.

After Cameron and his teammates spent two sweaty hours running and passing and doing pushups, he left a message on his home phone saying he was going to be out for a little while longer. My parents won’t mind. I bet they’re relieved that I’m out of the house with my friends, Cameron thought.

Are you relieved that you’re out of the house? The voice said.

Why wouldn’t I be? After all, I’m going to ‘make something happen.’ Isn’t that what you’ve always told me?

To thine own self be true, the voice warned.
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Re: Live Your Life

Post by xStarr_x3 on Thu Apr 23, 2009 10:06 pm

This is for school? o_o
It's like, a whole freakin' /novel/.

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Re: Live Your Life

Post by GoMulchGo on Fri Apr 24, 2009 10:35 pm

Well, I'm not writing a 300 page novel like Twilight. Requirements are to be at least 16 pages and at most 52 pages. A novel is typically a story you read in more than one sitting. So, this is a novel. I'll post 2 more chapters because it's due soon, and I can't write forever.
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Re: Live Your Life

Post by 2bAgen. on Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:16 pm

It's good. (well, I'm rubbish at complimenting people, don't expect any more than that)

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Re: Live Your Life

Post by BPahl88 on Sun Apr 26, 2009 3:26 am

It's good. But, I had a few grammer issues, I would revise the novel a few times for grammer. I get really confused on who is talking when there are a lot of quotes. You need to make it more clearer on who is saying what and to whom they are saying it to. Also, I would cut down on the quotations too. SOme are fine, but you really need to add more detail. I don't even think you told what the characters look like.

But it's good.

Oh, and one more thing, add more. Happy
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Dang, this user has a lot of posts....

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Re: Live Your Life

Post by GoMulchGo on Mon Apr 27, 2009 3:27 am

Rejection… (Chapter 5)

After practice, Cameron’s teammates and friends waited outside the locker room for him.

Michael was, as usual, very impatient. He tried out for the football team but didn‘t make it for some reason. It seemed apparent that he would make the team with such a large body. “Cameron!” Michael yelled. “Hurry and get your big eared head out here!”

“Haha! I wouldn’t be talking, Michael!” Vito said as he flicked Michael’s earlobe.

“Why are we yelling!?” Tony, another short-legged basketball player, asked.

“Because we need to make Cameron feel comfortable!” Vito said, still yelling.

“How is this making him feel comfortable!?” Tony asked.

“Because it’s making you guys look like idiots!” Vito laughed. About a minute of yelling later, Cameron came out.

“There he is!” Michael yelled.

“These guys sound like idiots, right Cameron?” Vito asked, without yelling.

“Sure, I guess.”

“Hey, hurry up, I don’t have all night,” Michael said. “Hustle hustle.”

As Cameron, Vito, and Tony caught up, Vito said, “Don’t tell us that. You’re the one that needs to hustle in practice.”

“Well this is important,” Michael said smiling.

“Hey, where are we going anyway?” Cameron asked, after a few minutes of walking.

“Cameron, we’re going to a place I like to call Pizzause,” Tony said.

“What?” Cameron said. “Pete Zoss?”

Vito and Michael laughed. “We told you that name stunk,” Vito said. “Tony tried to give this pizza place we hang around a nick-name. Everyone is telling him it’s a bad name. But, he just won’t listen.”

“It’s a cool name, better than boring Pizza Town. And it‘s not Pete Zoss, it‘s Pizzause, like pizza and sauce,” Tony explained.

“Just call it Pizza Town,” Michael said.

Must be a pizza restaurant, Cameron thought.

It’s more than a pizza restaurant, it’s going to be a meeting place, said the voice.

The small band of boy’s walked around the streets of Monterey for what seemed like hours. They walked past dark alleys and pubs with neon light signs, they encountered zooming sports cars and begging tramps, all kinds of chaos in the
bustle of downtown Monterey. “Just ignore the homeless guys” the guys said, “stay on the inside of the sidewalk.”
Cameron thought he knew what cities were like, but this wasn’t what he expected, or at least he didn’t expect to be

As the four boys turned one last corner, Tony said,” Ahh, Pizzause.”

“For the love of Pete!” Michael said.

“No,” Vito said, laughing. “For the love of Pete Zoss.” Cameron laughed.

“Whatever!” Michael said, walking toward the Pizza Town doors. “Hurry up!”

Vito shook his head. “He’s so impatient all the time.” Vito nudged Tony with his elbow. “I bet he’s going to try to
make an impression on Julie again.” Vito sighed.

“Yeah, I know, every time we come here. And he never learns.”

“Who’s Julie?” Cameron asked. He didn’t know anybody at school with that name.

“Some girl that’s always at Pizza Town. She used to go to our school, but she graduated to high school early. It’s
like she’s got the brains of a college professor. Her essays back in the 7th grade always impressed the teacher. And she’s
a pretty good athlete. Made every school team possible in the 7th grade. She even made it on some of the out of school
sports teams. She’s a pretty pearl to look at too,” Vito explained.

Smart, pretty, and athletic.

Cameron stood outside the doors, trying to shake something off. Vito and Tony disappeared inside the restaurant. After a minute, Cameron headed inside.

Cameron entered a large room with slightly dimmed lights and music coming from somewhere. He saw that there were people dancing to the song that was playing. He spotted Vito at a large table with a bunch of other teens along with teammates from the school teams beckoning for him to come over.

“What’s up, Cameron?” asked Jimmy from the football team.

“So you decided to join us tonight, did you?” said Jordan, one of Cameron’s classmates. “Don’t just stand there, come over here.”

Cameron walked over to the table wondering where he should sit.

“Hey,” Vito said, “this is a buffet, not a restaurant. Get yourself some food before you sit.”

“Oh that’s alright, I’m not so hungry,” said Cameron.

“Come on man, we just had practice. You have to be hungry. At least get a soda,” Vito said.

“No thanks, I’ll just sit here.”


Cameron laid back in the booth and watched everyone else. He watched Vito get some ice cream and Jimmy stuffing
his face with pizza. He saw Jordan laughing at Tony, who was eating pizza with his hands tied behind his back.

Something pointless and childish again?

No, why is this coming up? Cameron thought.

A few minutes later, Vito came back with pizza and some ice cream.

“Here, you’re going to eat this,” Vito said when he passed the ice cream to him. As Vito took a bite of his pizza he
said, “You have to start talking, man. Build some chemistry with people.” Vito looked around. “Hey, I’ll introduce you to

Cameron felt something like a bowling dropping in his stomach. “I don’t think-”

“You’re not getting out of this Cameron. You’re going to live and meet some people right now, whether you want to
or not. Both of you would be perfect for each other. Plus, you both have shining eyes. Oh, and take your ice cream too, I
didn’t get you that for nothing.”

Cameron sighed and got up. I guess I have no choice, Cameron thought. They got up and left for a booth where
Julie and Michael were sitting.

“Hey Julie, I want you to meet someone. This is Cameron, he’s on the football team and the basketball team,” said

With shining eyes, Julie looked up at Vito, then at Cameron. Cameron noticed a look on her face that looked
disturbingly familiar.

“Hey guys, Julie and I are in the middle of a conversation. Could you go somewhere else and come back later?”
asked Michael.

“I don’t think she wants to talk to you, because if I remember from earlier days, she thinks you’re a monster,” said

You’re a monster, Rico.

Stop it, please, Cameron thought. Flashbacks started coming up.

“Hello? Earth to Cameron. Are you there?” said Vito, “You spaced out for a second.” He turned back to Michael.
“Can you go somewhere else? You’re sitting with her here almost everyday. Go outside and look at the real world.”

Cameron heard a chiming voice. “Yeah… You don’t have to be around me all the time.” Michael looked at Julie, got up, and went outside through the back doors. “Cameron, right? Why don’t you sit with me?” Cameron looked at Vito, then
sat down. He gave Vito a look that told him to stay.

“I’ll just leave you two alone now,“ said Vito smiling, “Cameron is a very lonely and shy person. You’ll have to hit the right spot for him to talk. I’m going to get some more pizza. And you better eat that ice cream, Cameron.”

Julie had black hair and slightly dark skin. Her eyes were black and shined under the lights. She was a bit shorter than Cameron was. She was fit from her extra athletic activities.

“You seem very interesting,” said Julie after a moment.

How ironic, I should be the one saying that. Not you.

Why… Cameron felt himself getting depressed. He saw many faces: Mr. Jackson, Rebecca, Hakeem…

“Are you okay?”

Cameron shook his head, “Yeah, I’m fine.” He looked at Julie and something on her wrist caught his eye. “Where’d you get that watch?”

Hey look, it’s Beauty and the Beast.

Oh man, I don’t think I can take this much longer.

“This?” She held up her arm that rested a gold watch. “It’s a souvenir from when I visited Egypt. It’s pretty cool
isn’t it?”

“Uh, yeah, it’s the Eye of Horus on that watch, isn’t it?” Cameron asked, his eyes dying.

“You’re right, it’s the Eye of Horus. I think Egyptian history is interesting, don‘t you?” Julie asked.

Her eyes are shining so bright, Cameron thought.

“Actually, I just know about the Eye of Horus. I also know that Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris.” Cameron
started to recite one of the representations. “I have delivered the Eye of Horus, the shining one, the ornament of the Eye
of Ra.”

“Very good.” Julie thought for a moment. “You’ve impressed me more than anyone else I’ve known.”

The voice, the flashbacks, the faces, they were all still coming back to him. Cameron felt the excitement from when
he was asked to the dance, felt the nervousness of arriving at the front gate, felt the disappointment, fear, anger, depression of that time.

Is this girl like Kayla? Cameron wondered.

A familiar song started on in the buffet. “I haven’t heard this song in ages.” Julie’s eyes shined even brighter. “Cameron, do you want to dance?” she asked.

You’re such a gullible loser, Cameron.

Cameron shook his head. “No,” he said quietly to that memory.

“I'm sorry. What did you say?"

What’s that? I can’t hear you Tiny! Speak up!

Cameron stood up. “I said ‘No!’ I don’t need you, or this! Just leave me alone!”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Cameron.

Vito came over, “Dude, what’s wrong with you!?”

He’s going CRAZY!

Cameron ran out of the building yelling, “I can’t take this anymore!”

Where are you going, Cameron? the voice asked.

I don’t know but I’ll find a way home, Cameron thought.

You picked the wrong night to go out.

I know that now.

What will you do the next time you go to school? the voice asked.

I don’t know, but I’ll find a way, Cameron thought.

You don’t have to find a way, Cameron. Rebecca and I will aid you.

Cameron was very confused. What!? You’re Rico!?

We’ve been watching you for a while now, we decided to remind you of Toby Wilson. We didn’t want you to forget us.

How are you in my head? Cameron asked.

If I told you that, then your head would explode.

Cameron smiled. Yeah, that sounds like Rico.

Of course it’s me, Cameron, the voice said, feigning to be Cameron’s best friend. Of course it’s me…
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Re: Live Your Life

Post by GoMulchGo on Mon Apr 27, 2009 4:39 am


The next day, at school, Cameron met up with Vito. Just like what the voice told him to do, he explained what went on the night before and told him the story that he neglected to tell him. Cameron then asked for Julie’s phone number so he could apologize and explain.

Cameron called Julie to apologize and explain. After Julie hung up a few times, she gave in. The next night at Pizza Town, Cameron met Julie for the second time. From there, they danced and everyone watched as the newcomer and the most gifted girl in town enjoyed themselves.

The sight was difficult for Michael, and he had hard feelings toward Cameron after realizing what was going on. But later on, he forgave Cameron and gave up on Julie. He started high school, and tried out for the football, his new obsession, and made it. All of that body mass paid off for him. With the help of his new teammates and coach, he became a very talented football player.

Vito stayed Cameron’s best friend for as long as they both lived in Monterey. He was like the new Rico for Cameron, just not as much a jokester. In high school, Vito took an elective that explained about law and court. He always liked helping people, and enjoyed learning how to help people in court. After he graduated from high school, he went to college and became an intelligent and successful lawyer.

I think I should explain what occurred in Los Angeles after Cameron left. At the start of the next year, Rico found out that Cameron wasn’t in any of his classes and was nowhere to be seen on campus. Confused, he called Cameron’s old phone number and learned about Cameron moving. He became angry because he thought Bart, Daniel and Devin were responsible for it. Rico took his anger out on the twins separately. Because of the previous year’s 8th graders leaving, Bart really moved up in the middle school royalty. Rico and most of Cameron’s other friends hated Bart. Some of Cameron’s friends, joined Bart to be untouchable.

Rebecca ceased to be Kayla’s friend after the night of the school dance. Rebecca also hated Bart for what he had been thought to have done. She despised him as much as Rico had because she took away a friend. She knew that he was responsible for making Kayla the way she was. Bart corrupted Kayla just as many other innocent kids are corrupted by wicked people. Kayla became a really despicable person by being tainted with Bart’s way of life.

Bart was just one of those people that wanted something not caring how he got it. He just wanted it at that moment and didn’t care if it would effect anything or anyone else.

When Cameron graduated to high school, he was finally able to see Julie everyday. Cameron protected Julie from anything that represented something harmful to the couple. In return, Julie introduced Cameron to all the people she knew and gave him a heads-up about any teachers that should be paid attention to. If Cameron was unable to protect her, he could call for help from Vito, Michael, or any other of his friends for back-up.

Cameron learned many things. Among all the things he learned, he learned three things that really stood out: Love is everywhere and in all forms, no one is evil, they just react wickedly to harsh experiences, and no matter what, you just have to live your life.
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Re: Live Your Life

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