Caribbean Exploration: Excerpt

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Caribbean Exploration: Excerpt

Post by BPahl88 on Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:33 am

Capt. Pahlís Excerpt From Life Dairy (Translated to English)

Part 21 of Life

Wehad arrived. Sailing nearly 12,000 miles from Europe, we had arrived. Going through who knows how many sea storms, we had arrived. Having to throw off 62 men, out of 66, we had arrived. Throwing up and getting sick, my men having to take care of me and in some circumstances, control the ship, we had arrived.

You see, I had named several things on this adventure. Firstly, was the sea we went through. She was rough, very rough, but we got through her. Well, some of us did anyways. I named her The Caribbean Sea, in honor of my Co-captain, Carib, who loved to eat beams, and so Caribbean was established.

I think when we landed, we were on an isthmus, or so Iíve been told. But nether less of what we are on, we walked on foot, due to ship damage. (Well, foot and peg for me, laddy) But we soon noticed that we were headed into a cloud forest, which was not Whitebeardís favorite place to be, because of snakes and spiders. So we went back, fixed our ship (Which turned out to be an easy job) and sailed north.

Of course, we had a storm. It blew us off course, causing us to sail about 1,200 miles until we hit land. And some land it was. So because of its small size, we headed north again. And because of this cycle of sailing north and hitting a small little island, we presumed that we were sailing through an archipelago. We than sailed west to a larger island, and finally! However, there were already people there, and it had appeared that they were in some type of civil war, so we not bothered them, and sailed west again.

We hit another island, that was large again, and I had names the entire island Hispaniola, for no good reason at all. Then, I had realized that the south had lots of small islands, while the north had bigger islands, so I had named the smaller islands the Lesser Antilles and the larger ones the Greater Antilles.

I had once met an ecotourist, who you guessed it, studies ecotourism. He told me that Europe was the only land on this planet. I think that I would like to rub it in his face when I get back. Sweet revenge laddy, sweet revenge. (Ya see, revenge from him always beatoiní me in Poker every single time) But I had just remembered that he is a refugee. Lucky meÖ

But anyways, even though I likes Hispaniola a lot, I knew that we had to move on, unfortunately. We traveled west, hitting another beautiful island, still larger than the Lesser Antilles, but didnít stay long, because the natives there spoke in dialect, which was not what we expected. And so, again, we sailed, but this time, south.

When we hit land, I remembered the same forest, the same birds, the same mountains and hills, and had realized that we were we got first, on that isthmus. And I finally named it, Panama. And because there was a small opening between this country (Or territory I guess) I named it the Panama Canal, for obvious reasons.

We needed to go (Surprise, surprise!) and so we headed north, and not picking up any storms at all. Yay! We hit the biggest island that we had been to. I named it Cuba, because I thought that that was a funny name. Cuba. But we traveled north on the land and found a perfect spot to settle. I named it Havana, because I thought that that name was fun to say as well. And I made this island a commonwealth, because unlike Europe, they had a cooperative and I hated that.

Oh, and I stayed in Cuba for the rest of my life. (What a merry ending)


Okay. I made THIS one for my World Geo class. I think you kind of knew what's going on. So yeah. Incase you don't, just ask me. ;D
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