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Post by Broken Heart on Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:25 pm

Fear sweeps over her
Nothing can stop it
Itís too overpowering

Only one person knows the struggles sheís going through.
Unfortunately, this person canít tell anyone.
This girl is GodĎs Unknown Solider.

She tries to cope with all the pain,
The hate,
The fear.

She doesnít know-
How much longer she can hold on.
Itís all holding her back.

All she wants is for everything to stop,
The fighting,
The loathing.

You canít ignore something like this.
You need to help her.
Sheís holding on-

But for how much longer?
Can she take anymore if this suffering?
Will she?

Sheís falling apart inside.
And no one even cares.
Why canít anyone see past the mask?!

Sheís screaming!
She only wants someone to notice-
Notice the torture sheís facing everyday!!

But no one will come.
No one cares enough.
When someone starts to care-

Itíll be to lateÖ
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