Some new poems

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Some new poems

Post by Sofie on Mon Dec 15, 2008 6:18 pm

The Wire
By Seth Wreckage

Barbed stars in a blanket of skin
The way my dreamed up scars begin
Cold smiles from goldmines
Hard lies from cold eyes

One quirk, one turn in one game
One hope that burst into flame
Under your wonder
I spy a broad sky

Oh, won't you be the one to forget me
Oh, won't you be the one to let me go

That was sort of a song lyric, although it is still in development. About something quite specific that I just couldn't find any other words to describe. It's a feeling.

A Memory
By Seth Wreckage

You said hi to me.
No-one else did.
You would smile at me.
You were the only one.
You would talk to me for ages
Because you wanted to.
Excluding all the retards
It was only you.
Thank you.
And when I'm far away,
And when I'm on my own,
Alone, finally,
I remember your face.
We walked down an empty street
I can't remember who I was supposed to meet,
But it wasn't you.
You called me an idiot.
And I wholeheartedly agreed.
And we laughed.
And for some odd reason,
It's stuck in my head
That your eyes were blue.
Thank you.
And the sun wasn't there, but it was shining
In my mind
It was a good thing.

This one is rather irregular. It is a childhood memory, or maybe a more recent one, about a friend, or maybe a stranger, or maybe it wasn't me at all, but anyway.


Boredom murders the heart of our age
While sanguinary creeps take the stage
Boredom strangles the life from the printed page
-of Montreal
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