Land Ho Alexandria!

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Land Ho Alexandria!

Post by jeberexa on Fri Jun 13, 2008 7:31 pm

Thais sighed, the wind blowing his blond-streaked. His sister, sitting across from him, looked just as bored. After all, it had been a long two weeks of sitting silently in a boat with nothing to do. They had all tried to just relax, but sooner or later his whole family wanted something to do. Thais and his sister, Cynna, had asked if they could help the rowers, but his father refused. He said that only slaves could do such a dirty, grimy job.

Sometimes Thais didn't quite understand why only slaves could do some jobs. Bathing was a great example. He wanted a bathe himself the way he wanted too, but his father had said slaves were trained to complete jobs like that.

Cynna agreed. She was about the most stubborn girl Thais had ever met, and absolutely refused to be dressed by her slave. She had ranted and raved so long that, finally, his father had let her dress herself.

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