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Post by Darklady on Sat May 31, 2008 7:02 am

Why are you doing this?
Do you call yourself my friend?
You say yes.
You say you like me,
that I make you laugh,
but when it comes to jokes,
I am always the dumb fat one
So why is it always me?
Never the other girls?
Am I stupid?
Am I fat?
Are you so jealous of my life,
that you have to make me feel horrible about myself,
just to make you feel less jealous?
If you aren't going to accept me,
then fine.
I won't die.
Just don't accompany me;
I don't want someone who says they are my friend,
to accuse me of being things I'm not.
Someone who stoops so low to degrade how I feel about myself,
and says hi in the halls as if none of that happens
Au revoir.
I don't need you.
Some people other than you won't be horrible to me out of jealousy.
They're my friends, not you.

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