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Post by Darklady on Sat May 31, 2008 7:00 am

A girl wrote something tha made her think.
And she began to well up inside,
her hidden emotions fighting to come out.
She decided to let them,
and began to cry.
She fell over onto her knees,
and let her sobs escape gently.
Small tremors ran down her spine.
She gently and silently let her emotion,
take the form of tears and fall onto her blanket.
The girl cradeled her head in her hands,
and wept soundlessly.

She raised her head,
and dried the tears from her green eyes,
that had become red with weeping.
She pushed her reddish hair behind her,
and wrote down her sadness,
in the form of a story of her crying.

Then she thought more,
and realized that her sorrow should not be,
that she shouldn't worry about the future.
But should trust it will be glorious.

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