Poems of (in)significance

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Poems of (in)significance

Post by BlackOpal on Sun Apr 13, 2008 9:20 pm

You read the topic title. Very Happy
Just a couple of random poems. I'll probably add more later.



It sits gracefully
A beautiful gray
It takes its promised place
Singing softly
A sound that we all feel
But can't hear
It is irritable
or negligible
what would happen
if it moved
and we could


Mine is the love of Hephaestus
Cruel, bold, and unsuccessful
I cannot take what is mine thus
I will take what is yours

Mine is the rage of the sea
So satisfying, so addicting
I will not tell what comes to be
Therefore I must devour it

Mine is a dull, throbbing pain
Too faint to hold merit
Speaking will bring shame
So I hold my tongue

Mine is the contentment of the pokeweed
Resting, beautiful to behold
Wait until my roots take seed
You'll regret my calm demeanor

Mine is the jealousy of Thot
To block out Re
And for what?
If only to show that I can

Mine is the life of the tree
Moving forward to no one
Going up to me
Until I reach too high


I hate the second one's rhyming scheme, but I love its concept and symbolism. *sigh*
The first one was uber random. But it makes sense, I guess.
Harsh crit is needed.
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Re: Poems of (in)significance

Post by Moonlite Knight on Thu Apr 17, 2008 11:56 pm

I love the first one. It's really good, and I liked it's message. The second one is good too, But I like Smog better. Good job Smile


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