Random poems by SW

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Random poems by SW

Post by Sofie on Thu Apr 10, 2008 1:29 pm

All right! Time for me to vomit some poetry all over you(Lovely expression, right?)! Just because I feel like it. These are all from my archive, and I'd very much like your opinions and critisism and stuff...^^

Alien v2 ((v1 Was even weirder and, er, slightly obscene))
by Seth Wreckage

I don't want to live in the future,
I can't live in the past,
All I know is today,
And I know today won't last.

Yes, we are all momentary weaknesses.

Love might be a rose
I know there's too many thorns for me
I want to be alone
THAT is what they call eternity

If you're a star
I bet I could shoot you down
Stop your wretched fun...
But I'd never touch a gun.

I know your time is not enough
I'm not your friend,

Alien in trouble.

Alien on a sinking ship.


- That's what happens when I get all pensive and metaphoric.

by Seth Wreckage

Are you a Rocker like Rudolf? No?
Do you listen to Spooner?
Do you think the revolution
Should have come sooner?
No? No? No?
What am I saying? No?
Do you believe? No?
Did you just write it off someone?
What's a letter against a circle?
Just a sign of I AM COOL, No?
Or are you in control?
Do you want to be?
Yes? Yes? Yes?

- I believe I was pretty angry at certain people while writing that thing. I wonder if someone'll get it, or if I just made a mess out of my references.

Our Age
by Seth Wreckage

This is our age.
The dark and the gray colorless careflaws
showing them and making them agree
is not enough
I need something better.
Something that can shut them up.

Can a spelling mistake
shave the world?

-Meh. I dunno. Talkin' 'bout my geeeneration, I suppose.
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Re: Random poems by SW

Post by Moonlite Knight on Sat Apr 12, 2008 5:09 am

Great job! I liked the last poem the most, though there part's of the first poem that really stood out to me, like the first and third stanza. As for the second poem, (sorry, too lazy to go back up and read their names) I didn't really understand it, maybe because I have no idea who Rocker, Rudolf, and Spooner are. Anyway, keep writing! Smile


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Re: Random poems by SW

Post by BlackOpal on Sat Apr 12, 2008 6:57 pm

Yay the Who.
I like the middle one.
These are awesome. Rock on. XD
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Re: Random poems by SW

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