Reaching For the Stars

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Reaching For the Stars

Post by Moonlite Knight on Thu Apr 10, 2008 4:42 am

It is true that we all have a dream,
We all try and reach for the stars.
All that we don’t have seems to enchant,
So much that it is all that we wish.
That desire, hidden deep in the soul,
So easily lost in the lightest breeze.

If you open your eyes to the stars,
You’ll see what it is that so enchant
All those who have a hidden wish.
Those who will discard all and their soul,
Easier than the tree’s leaf to the breeze.
Nothing matters to them, but their dream.

So avert your eyes from all that enchant.
Grit your teeth and forsake your wish.
Is it really worth your immortal soul?
That which alludes you in the soft breeze,
Further and further goes your dream.
And there you stand, alone with the stars.

If you choose to continue to wish
And feed that craving in your soul,
To discard your worries in the breeze,
And go after that secret dream,
Be sure to soar high, past the bright stars,
And take care that they do not enchant.

But you don’t wish to trade your soul,
To let it scatter, lost, in the breeze.
Recognize the price attached to a dream
Know all that you must pass to reach the stars.
Learn to hide from what will distract and enchant
Until all that is left is what you wish.

Stand alone in the chilly breeze
And think about that one dream.
Gather your knowledge from the stars
Which shall teach you how to enchant
The world, so that you seize what you wish
And along the way, strengthen your soul.

Senses sharp from the breeze that tugs your soul,
Whisper your wish, declare your dream,
See what they enchant, and reach for the stars.
This is a sestina that I had for my English class. It's not
really good, but I tried. Please tell me what you think.
Thanks! Like a Star @ heaven


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Re: Reaching For the Stars

Post by Hazel on Thu Apr 10, 2008 5:28 am

This is so long and detailed it realy helps paint a picture in my head. I really like that. bounce

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