Words of the Hurt

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Words of the Hurt

Post by Holleh on Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:49 am

Guys, we need to revive these threads. xP ANYWHO. Quick poem type thing I just typed up because I was bored and shtuff. Soo. Yeah. Enjoy it immensely. ;P


Leave me alone
Please donít go away
I hate you
How could you?
I wish we never met
You hurt me so much
Iím done
How could we let this happen?
Iím tired of arguing
I donít care
I care way too much
Do what you want
I hope you make the right choice
Iím sorry
Please forgive me
You donít care
Prove me wrong
I never wanna see you again
Make me take it back
Thereís nothing you can do
Please keep trying
Donít talk to me
Letís make things right
Itís too late
Donít give up
This was a mistake
I still donít regret it
I donít believe you
I want to trust you
It doesnít matter
It matters more than you know
I forgive you
Donít make me regret it
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Dang, this user has a lot of posts....

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