Earthquake in Japan

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Earthquake in Japan

Post by 017350 on Tue May 31, 2011 6:48 pm

I was forced to do this for school, and it's not that good. But I haven't done anything on here in forever, so here it is. And yes, I realize I change the rythme throughout the poem.

She felt the earth shaking around her
And got out of bed to see
To her surprise and horror she learned 
Of an incoming tsunami

She grabbed her kids
Ran out the door
To higher grounds
Away from shore

But the only hill
In all the town
Was packed with people
Afraid to drown

By then she knew
That she was doomed
On the horizon
The big wave loomed

The mother told her kids to crawl 
Between the strangers' feet
So, happy her kids were safe from harm,
She prepared for death to meet 


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