Forgiveness Is Lost

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Forgiveness Is Lost

Post by Holleh on Sat May 14, 2011 5:24 am

So I just felt randomly inspired, probably because of my procrastination in terms of writing. And thus, this poem was created. I didn't really have specific topic in mind, I suppose, but nonetheless, I think it all came together very well. Just wanted to play around with words and such. After finishing the poem, I realized it was mostly about not forgiving someone you're fighting with, just to continue fighting because it's impossible for either side to give in. Finally, both sides will just argue it out until they move on, but never forget, which in the long run, causes more pain than the argument itself. So. Yeah. xP That's just what I got out of it. Soo ENJOY.


Sometimes ďIím sorryĒ just isnít enough
And maybe weíve held on for far too long
These wounds shall never fade
The scars will never go away

Every fight, every word said
Every unintended action
Can never be undone

Tonight is not the night for apologies
And not the night for pity
Tonight we wonít be sorry
Tonight is just another problem

Scream it loud, scream it proud
Tell me how you feel
Just keep it real
And let it out

I donít want another selfish lie
No false fawning
No patronizing
Hit me with the cold hard truth

Weíll reach our boiling point
While the loneliness chills us to the bone
Weíll sweat our faith
And bleed our strength

Take it all,
Just take it and run
Leave it as it is
Or leave with nothing at all

The restless seas shall be still
The torrential rain shall cease
We shall not make amends
There will not be peace

Letís promise not to live and let live
Letís promise to be heard
Letís leave each other
And never speak again

The memories will burn
The pain shall never leave
You will not be forgotten
And I will never learn to believe

Paranoid, selfish, forgotten, and lost
Letís give up everything
Submit to the cost

Trusting, selfless, remembered, and found
Letís take back everything
And stay, safe and sound
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Re: Forgiveness Is Lost

Post by Hazel on Tue May 24, 2011 8:58 pm

Oh I never knew this was here! XD

Aww that's kind of sad. But I suppose it's true, it does sometimes happen.
The seventh stanza, on the third line, sounded a slight bit wordy to me for a poem, sorta felt like it threw it off a bit. But I love the second to last and last stanzas <3

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