Loneliness I Create

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Loneliness I Create

Post by Holleh on Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:15 am

Eh. I was bored. Wanted to vent some... Stuff. Yeah. So, here ya go.


Never felt lonelier than this
Call me pathetic,
But I just care too much
And I wish I didnít

Push those closest away
Just to see who cares enough
To put together the pieces once again
To prove to me they are my friend

I fool myself into believing itís hate;
These reckless words and self-constraint
But I think I lost the love I needed most
And Iíve become a soulless host

I pushed you away
To see if you cared enough to stay
But now itís all too clear:
We have nothing here

But thatís okay
Iíll be fine
Iíll find my way
In time

I guess this is fate
It was meant to happen
I guess itís too late
And now Iím left
With the loneliness I create
Dang, this user has a lot of posts....
Dang, this user has a lot of posts....

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