Mists Of Avalon / Lord of the Flies

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Mists Of Avalon / Lord of the Flies

Post by xStarr_x3 on Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:26 pm

So, for English, we have an outside reading project. We can pick what we'd like to do.. and then do it. I picked writing a poem based on the book I read. If you don't know anything about the book, I don't know if they'd make sense, but whateverrr.


Poem based on "The Mists Of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradly

Your breath is sweet,
Reeking with untold of sin.
I'm sorry for this, dear one.
Just remember that
The Great Mother Goddess
Certainly has her own ways.

You, child of King Arthur,
Half-brother to your mother --
I, Morgaine Le Fay.
Dance, fairy-child, dance.
Frolic with our offenses.
Yours shall be far worse than ours.

Great Merlin of Britain --
What a fool he had looked!
To think that a child,
Borne in sin and
Raised with deception
Could ever be crowned King!

Oh yes, dear one,
Your life was planned out before
Others were even thought of.
And remember when those cry out,
Whether with rage or pride,
That you are more important than they.

And King Arthur could reign
Alongside his unfaithful Guinevere.
But even he knows,
Just as well as I,
That even the king stag
Must die in his turn.

Old Merlin had been right,
And nothing could be done.
For once the fates have been set in motion,
Nothing could be done or said,
For nothing and no one can ever change
The Great Goddess's mind.

But, oh, Mordred!
Son of King Arthur,
Son of I, Morgaine.
You shall rule over Camelot
For forever
And a day!


Poem based on "Lord of the Flies" by some guy

I'd never been
Much of an athlete.

There was always so much to learn,
And little time left for else.

I wasn't built to last
In a place like this.

Yet to feel the human touch,
And so harshly designed to kill.

Honestly, save for the death lurking unseen,
It might have been an island paradise.

We had no one to answer to,
No one to tell us right or wrong.

And here I am,
Alone within a group of boys.

Never once did any of them
Bother to learn my real name.

But pick your side --
Jack or Ralph.

Jack, a tribe of uncivilized killers.
Ralph, a group trying to save everyone.

Most would say Ralph,
That is, until the sun went down.

For that's when the tribe comes out,
Snatching away the little'uns to mold them like clay.

So our group dwindled down,
Leaving only me an' Ralph.

Asides from our ever-burning fire and the mystical conch,
We were alone.

Only, alone wasn't something Jack would let us be.
He wanted us, but mostly what we had.

Jack, the pig-killer,
Took my glasses and refused to give them back.

But that wasn't enough,
The conch would end up almost his as well.

For when his tribesman released that rock,
It didn't hurt just me.

It also crushed and killed the conch,
Destroyed it, by all means.

Chaos has taken hold at last,
Washed peace into the sea.

And at sea we will reside,
For forever and a day.

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