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Official Forum Rules

Post by BPahl88 on Sat Jun 12, 2010 4:59 am

I am going to set down a list of basic rules here but really the best thing you can do here is just use common sense. It isn't hard - it will keep you more popular, and you will end up having alot more fun. Not to be mention, it will stop you from being banned.



1 - No spam - Spam is "stupid, pointless, annoying messages" - and we don't want them. Posting messages that are not related to the thread topic count as spam, as do single word posts. Always try to back up what you are saying. It makes your post more interesting to read, and helps conversation. The only time spam is allowed is in the 1000! forum in the Forum Games.

2 - Do not flame - Flaming is messages that are directed at another member, with the intent of insulting or offending them.

3 - Do not post links to, or name/discuss ways in which to, download illegal material. Any site for downloading copyrighted music for free. will be considered illegal. Also, links to programs which allow downloading, (peer to peer networks etc.) are a breach of the rules as well.
ROMs are also illegal, and therefore forbidden as well. The excuse "they're legal if you own the games," does not work here. The reason is obvious; most people who claim to own the games, are lying about it.

4 - Signatures and Avatars - No inappropriate, offensive or ridiculously large file size images. You are allowed one large image in your signature, to a maximum size of 500x250 pixels. Text must be in the default font size, and to an appropriate length (Shortened if you have an image as well).


If you see anyone violating rules - please use the "Report this post" button or contact a moderator/admin.

If you have any questions, read the FAQ, or PM one of the moderators/admins.

And for the cheesy ending:

Most of all - HAVE FUN! .

(I credit this to Harrygz, 017350, and Jeberexa for these rules)
Dang, this user has a lot of posts....
Dang, this user has a lot of posts....

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