One More Moment

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One More Moment

Post by bibbit on Sat Jun 05, 2010 6:52 pm

This is a song that I found on my computer the other day. I wrote it almost two years ago, so it was kinda neat to see it again. Anyways, I figured I might as well post it and see what you guys think. Cool

Can you honestly believe
That I would leave
If I had the choice to stay with you?
Oh, how I need you by my side
And in my life.
Youíre the drive in life that gets me through;
My light in darkened skies.

When I travel on my own
Through the unknown,
Thoughts of you will dissipate the black.
And this happens every time:
One day Iím
Out the door and the very next Iím back.
I just canít stay away.

I've told you that I hate long goodbyes,
But this time itís not true;
For each moment I extend this goodbye
Is one more moment with you.

I must depart, but Iíll return;
And while Iím gone, donít be concerned.
All I ask is that you wait for me,
'cause I would die if you would leave.
Youíre the proof of Godís own love;
A gift to me sent from above--
And when He sends you back His way,
Tell Him I said


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