Dancing In The Sun

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Dancing In The Sun

Post by xStarr_x3 on Thu May 13, 2010 1:32 am

A flame dances in my heart,
Fierce and unconstrained.
It's all-consuming,

This fire thaws the ice,
The ice that is me.
Melting my frozen heart
And releasing my frigid soul.
It's like I'm just awakening,
Seeing this world anew.
Because this fire,
It scorches me,
Warms me.
It brings me back to life.

Let's go dancing in the sun.
Because it's been so long since
I've seen that happy yellow face.

Let's go crazy,
Lose control.
Let's live life,
And just let go.

This fire, it tickles my feet,
Creeps and crawls up my thighs.
Its heat thaws me enough
To let me break free.

I want to go dancing in the sun,
Feel a warmer smile upon my own.
Because I've been frozen for so long
That I've forgotten what it's like
To just go dancing in the sun.


Aha, I was going for a happy poem, actually. Uhm.. it kinda worked, no? Maybe now, after writing this, I can begin to transition into a happy poem. Maybe. xD Darker poems are easier to write, because I don't want to use concrete stuff or imagery in them. I rely on words and emotions. In happy poems? I want to use imagery to describe everything. So I'm trying to fit everything into the same style. Hard stuff, I tell you.

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