They Stare

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They Stare

Post by Holleh on Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:35 am

I just wrote this the other day out of boredom, so... Don't be too harsh, please? (: I kinda like it, though. I played with the word "and" a bit and it's like a story (well all poems are I suppose) but it just has a weird flow to it that I kind of appreciate. At first, I wanted to write about this situation between my guy friend and myself, but then it grew into what I wish would happen. Yeah. x3 Oh and I kinda just slapped that name on it, so if you can think of a better name for it, please, let me know.

There’s nothing but silence
As they stare into each other’s eyes
Words that are never spoken

Non-existent promises can never be broken
So the girl continues to stare
And so does the boy

Emotions are exchanged
Though never acknowledged
Tossed off as nothing

The boy is with his friends
The girl with hers
But they still don’t understand

The boy comes to the girl
Holding a single rose
And says “I like you. A lot.”

The girl smiles sweetly
And takes the rose
And replies “I like you too.”

They go to the dance together
Her hand in his
His hand in hers

The others stop
And watch them enter
They wave and smile and stare

Their song comes on
Their favorite song
And they dance

They twirl and spin
In the middle of the room
The boy leads

The girl matches his movements
And they become a blur
And they look into each other’s eyes

Words are not spoken
And they make one promise
To love each other forever

And they continue to stare.
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