Two Chapters to the same night

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Two Chapters to the same night

Post by Dark Princess on Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:22 pm

These following poems are actually what happened to me at church last night. Take them as you may.

The One Thing He doesn't Know

She sits and watches
almost as if she is looking through glass.
She can't seem to bring herself to speak
as she cries softly.
Her eyes are locked on her other half
while he sits with his friends.
She hasn't told hm about the night,
not wanting to ruin his.
She feels bad for her though
and for the tears in her eyes.
She needs to tell him,
but her fear stops her voice.
He looks at her and notices the tears.
With a swift movement,
he's crouched in front of her trembling form.
She doesn't meet his gaze,
she can't look at his
without feeling guilty.
He asks what's wrong,
but she refuses to tell him.
her emotions getting the best of her.
He asks again and she breaks.
She explained all through her night
and by the end her voice is soft.
She doesn't want him to rebuke her
for what she ha done.
She kept to herself
what kept her from going through with it.
the thing he doesn't know
is that he kept her from taking her life.

Just worried

Her deepest secret is out
and he seems irritated.
She tries to act nonchalant.
but fails.
She murmurs, "he's angry"
and a friend catches the comment
and confronts him.
She sits in a ball,
and zones out,
her thoughts taking over.
She sees his feet
and looks up through her curtain of hair.
He crouches in front of her
and makes her look at him.
Softly he talks
and surprises her with his gentleness.
He had every right to be angry
yet nothing he said matched.
He wasn't angry
just worried.
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